Package async

Interface Summary
ASyncEvent A marker interface for an event to be executed by an ASync instance.
ASyncProvider The interface through an ASync instance exports its methods to a service.
ASyncService An interface to be implemented by services that perform I/O through an ASync instance.
ASyncServiceEvent A marker interface for an event registered under an ASyncService with an ASyncProvider instance.
ASyncServiceInspector An interface through which a service can inspect what other services are using the ASync instance by finding their respective keys.
ASyncServiceManager An interface for managing ASyncService objects with an ASync instance.
ASyncStartedCallback A callback interface to invoke once an ASync service has started.

Class Summary
AddressPortPair A pairing of an IP address and a port number.
ASync A library for performing all network I/O over a single thread using the New I/O packages of Java.
ASyncServiceKey An identifier for an ASyncService object.