Package asynctcp

Interface Summary
ASyncTCPListener A callback interface allowing a client of this ASyncTCP instance to be notified of when remote hosts establish new connections.
ConnectionListener An common interface for listeners on both incoming and outgoing connections.

Class Summary
ASyncTCP A library for performing reliable data transfer over TCP.
ASyncTCPKey The ASyncServiceKey implementation for an ASyncTCP service.
ASyncTCPMessageHandle A handle to a Message object either currently or previously enqueued for delivery over TCP.
ASyncTCPMessageQueue A queue of messages ready to be delivered over a given connection.
ASyncTCPParams A class containing all parameters used by an ASyncTCP instance.
Connection An interface shared by all connections, both locally and remotely established.
ConnectionManager A class allowing management of connections for an ASyncTCP instance.
IncomingConnection An interface allowing management of remotely established connections.
OutgoingConnection An interface allowing management of locally established connections.

Enum Summary
Connection.ConnectionState An enumeration over all possible connection states.